Sunday, 31 January 2010

A skirt for work

2010 finds me placed in another "house" at school. I have previously been in red/burgundy house, blue/silver house and now I am in green/navy house (*obviously not their real names ... but you get the idea). Yesterday was the Year 7 Orientation day and it was suggested that Green should be the base colour for attire for the day.

Given that I do not have a lot of green in my wardrobe the challenge was to make something to wear from my stash. I also have a roll of cotton drill from making my bags ... so I used that.

I had a length of "computer styled" fabric and given that I teach IT, it seemed only logical that a skirt needed to accented from this ...

I used an A-line skirt pattern as my basis. Cut 15 cm from the top to make the yoke and then created an overlapping panel for the front. The green computer fabric was a strip of fabric 20cm at the bottom and 10cm at the top and then tucked into the seam. I didn't bother with lining the skirt, I wore a slip instead. The only alterations I need to do is to take in the waist which is a little big, which is easy due to the construction of it.

I decided to put my label on the front to give it more of a casual feel. This skirt passed the road test on a hot day, now for a cold winters day with boots on.

I tend to suit A-line skirts, hides all the bumps and lumps and a wrap skirt gives me the maneuverability that I need in the classroom.

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CurlyPops said...

It's perfectly YOU Margaret! Love that techno print.

Libster said...

I do admire those who can just whip up a skirt and be able to wear it! Most of the clothes I have ever made myself look hideous... I think thats why I enjoy quilts as there isnt issues with material choices... its all cotton!!!
Very nice skirt

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Oh, that is such a lovely skirt.