Monday, 8 March 2010

ARTifact: Created by Humans

I popped into Artifact in Clifton Hill to see what all the commotion on Facebook was all about. They don't have a blog just yet, but keep an eye out for them.

Essentially it is a gallery type of shop a bit like incubator except that they also have vintage and collectibles. Spaces are from $20 a week and the shop is open 5 days a week. Minimum contract is 3 months of retail space with 100% of sales going back to the crafter or collector.

They are located in Dummett Cres which is around the back of the Clifton Hill McDonald's. You might think, "they won't get the foot traffic that incubator does" .. but they do get cycle traffic and while I was there, many cyclists came through the shop. Next door to them, it looked like an antiques shop was being set up. This is old industrial area that is being re-developed with many cafe's located just short walk away.

Incubator has their stock in sterile cubes, Artifact uses antique display cabinets which gives the shop a homely feel.

Artifact are still in the process of building up their business, if you want to be a part of it, get in contact with them soon!
10-12 Dummett Crs, North Fitzroy
craftedbyhumans [at] gmail (dot) com

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