Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Can a girl have too many handbags?

I must admit that in recent years I have taken a liking to handbags .. well the making of them!
I've uploaded some limited edition prints to my etsy store. Some lovely girly floral bags!

The design above I used a while back to make a 40th birthday present for a crafty friend.

I love this purple and apricot print and it sat in my stash for ages until I decided on a lining for it. It is a japanese print, and I only have limited quantities of fabric.

I like the fact that my bags are one of a kind. I make limited quantities of the bags and generally not the same bag twice. Different lining, different positioning.

Providing they are not sold, they will make an appearance at the Northside Makers Market on the 13th March.


Thea said...

I really like your fabric choices. You should have no problems selling your wares :)

Wendy said...

Those bags are fantastic. I'm addicted to bags and no we can never have too many.

Anonymous said...

Lovely fabrics. Can't decide now if I like these more than the Thea and Sami prints. You have an eye for fabrics that's for sure.