Thursday, 4 March 2010

Do you knit?

Knitting was one of those things that I just didn't get. I tried it, and then tried it again. But it just didn't seem to work with my brain. My Mum can knit, but alas I could not. But crochet is another story!

I can't remember when I started to crochet, but I do remember doing a table cloth in 1991/1992 when my beloved and I did a "round the world" relationship breaker/maker trip. Back in the good 'ol days when you could do craft on planes. I once loved doing fine work with crochet, but the appeal of knitting always escaped me ..

I have a friend who is a mad knitter (sorry Trudi ..) and she is on a mission to declutter and has given me a pile of books, magazines and knitting patterns to sell at the next Northside Makers Market on my stall. They are all "like new" and many still have price tags on them.

So please come down and take them off my hands ...

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Ping said...

No fair - I'll be in South America!