Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Displaying your Market Stall

Getting the right feel for your market stall is paramount. Customers like to feel visually quenched when they look at your stand and if your layout is interesting they will stay longer and hopefully buy something.

I spent a lot of time at the last Northside Makers taking in the techniques and hardware that people had used to display their market stock.

Miss Pepperberry uses rustic wooden boxes to display their fabric covered journals.

Behind the stall, the bottom box is reversed and used as the "admin" centre for this stall.

Another stall, Two Cheese Please, also has an admin centre behind their stall.

She uses stainless kitchen cupboard stands covered in felt for her display.

An additional level is created by some hard card covered by felt sitting on jars of buttons.

I find the appearance of DVD and CD stands quite funny, scattered throughout the market being used to display all sorts of things. The first grand stand is one that Miss Pepperberry uses to show her passport covers.

Another stall uses a CD stand to hold cards.

Mrs Beckinsale uses a letter stand to hold her gift cards.

I've got lots of other snaps of strategies that people use for displays, but perhaps another day! Have you posted any cool display tips on your market stall??


Beky said...

Interesting post. Now I understand why you were taking photos of my display stands. :-) :-)

Holly said...

Now my secret is out!

But it's an important secret - your displays don't have to cost a lot! Look at every day items you have around the home (like cardboard, felt, pantry stands, CD stands) and think of ways you can dress them up to use them as stall displays.

Also I have no idea why I look all "what'choo lookin' at?!" in that photo, hehe.

~Holly xx
Two Cheese Please

Thea said...

Fantastic! I love seeing how other people display their wares. x

Libster said...

I dont have a market stand, but as a buyer I love seeing how different people display their goodies... From my point of view it is important to display your goods in an apealing way, I also love it when I get up close and start to find more treasures. Dont like stands to be too cluttered though as you can get overloaded. :) love your work!