Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Northside Makers Market Saturday 13th March

I am on tender hooks this morning, realising that in just under two weeks I have my next Market. In addition to that, I have some writing due and assessment reports due for school!

All the things that should have been ordered have been, like additional business cards. I have two different types of business cards my moo cards, cute, expensive and corporate ... and my vista print cards, less cute but more affordable for all the people who like to collect cards at markets.

My All I need to do now is make more stock to fill the gaps in my stock left by online orders this week and then do a pre-display rehearsal for the market with my table in the back room.

The Northside Makers Committee have been hard at work with advertisements in the local paper and in Mixtape, but we **really** need you to spread the word around. So even if you take a copy of the pamphlet above and email it around to your friends, that would be a great help.

There are some exciting things happening this time at the March market, including a musician! Excitement! So hopefully you will be able to make it, or if not help us spam Melbourne with Northside pamphlets!

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Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

It'll all be good, darlink! Things always fall into place when needed :-)