Friday, 5 March 2010

Patchwork Design: Playing with colours

How do you go about matching your fabric colours for your quilts?

I recently got some jelly rolls through from the Fat Quarter shop (A Breath of Avignon and Happy Campers Moda Jelly Rolls) when they had their sale. I love the idea of jelly rolls, all the hard work of matching, measuring and cutting all done by someone else.

I quickly unraveled one of them and started to play around with the strips of fabric. Weaving one after another, playing with colours and prints.

Some of the monochromatic prints in these bundles will go into Tori's Quilt.I just love the warmness of this mustard!

When I was finished playing around with the prints, I then blocked the woven strips with a nice red that was in the jelly roll and stood back to see if the combination would work.

The browns in the middle seem to be the dominant colour when I squint my eyes the greens also pop out, so the colour combinations need a bit more work. And I think I still have to put some spiders and bats in there somehow. I am hoping that I can do a few baby quilts with these jelly rolls.

How do you design your patchwork colour scheme?

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