Tuesday, 23 March 2010

More playmat Blocks: Noah's Ark

Some more to add to the pile that I have already done for Tori's play quilt. I am starting now to sew 4 blocks together to create one mega block. Trimming as I go ...

The top blocks are a darker green and they are utilising some Noah's Ark fabric that I picked up about 2 years ago. Tori spotted the fabric in my sewing room and coerced me into using it. It took some time to fussy cut some animals out, but I think that they look great.

There isn't really any pattern to the layout, so some of the fast quilt construction techniques are not being utilised. I individually cut out the coloured squares, position and then sew and then add the black road. I am not constructing the road from individual squares, just using sashes.

Tori is starting to get excited by the "blankey that is growing". I hope she still wants to play with it when it is finished.

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