Friday, 30 April 2010

Australiasian Quilt Convention

I managed to steal an hour on the way home from work yesterday to sneak into the AQC and take a look around. And yes, I managed to spend my convention budget in that hour!

Institches of Williamstown

The stands were jam packed with good stuff and you could probably divide them down the middle between what we would class as "modern quilting" and that dusty rose Americana traditional quilting. Institches of Williamstown had a beautiful "Kellie Wulfsohn" quilt adorning the back of their stand.

In this quilt they had written
"love" in the stippling!

They had spread themselves out a bit more this year and it made a world of difference. More room inbetween stalls. Even at 3.30 in the afternoon, it was very, very busy with far too many people called Margaret there ...

I love they way they did the
thistles in this display quilt.

The Quilt Show was spectacular, I hope that as I grow older, I develop the patience to make something as spectacular as I have seen. I really should have written down who made these quilts.

I have a fascination with colour wheels,
and I just love the finishing touch
of the wreath on this display quilt.

I haven't ventured beyond a baby quilt at the moment, Tori's single bed quilt is the largest that I have worked with, but I haven't started putting that one together.

I love this black and white
"redwork" but not redwork quilt.

And yes I bought things! Mainly Japanese prints and Japanese embroidery thread. Mainly personal shopping, rather than business shopping.

I could have spent a small fortune in fabric and gadgets, but my biggest splurge was a gorgeous Japanese panel that I am hoping to sash in red linen and hang down my stair well.

Did you go? What did you get?


Jennie said...

I went to GJs yesterday, forgetting about eh AQC sale. Upstairs at GJs was not a calm, orderly place to be.

I was telling T the starting this time next month I'll be able to put some Olive Grove proceeds into our house deposit account. But not this month, because I have to go to Stitches & Craft and that's a very expensive excursion.

Anonymous said...

The love quilt is divine.

ZippyZippy said...

I did not get to this one, but plan to go to stitches, we are 3 hours away, so I thought it would be pushing to get down for both.
Looks like you had a great time

Rachel said...

oh wow, the quilt of the two people kissing is absolutely stunning!