Thursday, 29 April 2010

Tom Jones Adventures

The other day three packages arrived in my mailbox. I was truly excited as I thought that the fabric fairy had visited me again, but alas, it was only three Tom Jones CD's, of course in separate packaging.

I had forgotten all about these CD's that we were meant to get with our Tom Jones tickets back in March.

Tori's Nanna and Oma

Back in March I took Tori's Nanna and Oma to the Tom Jones Concert at Rod Laver Arena as a BIG THANK-YOU to all the baby sitting they have been doing. I work 4 day a week as a secondary school teacher and two of those days she spends with her Nanna and her Oma.

My mum was going a bit stir crazy
with all the baby sitting she had been doing!

They had been looking forward to this for weeks. We met under the clocks at Flinders Street Station, had some dinner at Federation Square and then traveled up to 'Rod Laver' Arena via tram

While waiting for a Tram, we noticed that everyone was cashing in on the concert!

When the tram arrived, the tram attendant proudly announced that our tram was the "Tom Jones" tram and a group of excited mature women piled into the tram. The trip out to the concert had people singing and talking about the type of underwear that they would be flinging at the stage. Would it be a sniper attack (g-string) or a parachute assault (size 20 bloomers).

I listened to the CD and some of the songs are certainly toe tapping, but not something I would load into iTunes. However, I do have some of his earlier stuff like "What's new pussy cat", Tori loves to hear that song!

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