Friday, 9 April 2010

Family Snaps

I just wanted to share some family snaps ...

A nice one of Tori and her Pops, Tori is getting better at her smiling.

My dad being the joker that he is .. and Nanna

Tori and her cheeky Opa!

Tori and Oma, and Tori is smiling properly (how did I manage that one?).

And then there is us ...
our little family and Mummy without her glasses.


ZippyZippy said...

Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing

Libster said...

lovely pics of the family.

Unknown said...

Love the photos. We had our Oma and Opa over for dinner last night for dinner and took lots of photos too.
By the way I love your car mat quilt, what a fabulous idea!

Nikki said...

Great to see Tori enjoying the love of all four grandparents. Lucky girl. It's such a special relationship.

Great photos to treasure!