Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Black Market

The thing that I love about this market is that it is so casual. Konstant Kaos were one of a handful of commercial stalls, but it was mostly pre-loved things for sale. The marketed is targeted towards goths, punks and alternative crowds and originally came about because a few friends wanted to sell off their old black clothing and club wear

We got there nice and early and it was cold! Tori behaved particularly well for a day that was not her usual routine and lots of friends with kids rocked up and said hello. For part of the morning she was strapped to my back in my Kaos baby carrier and there was a lot of interest about that.

Thanks to Beky at Pivotal Xpressions

Both Beky from Pivotal Xpressions and Fab from Little Cooties joined me for the day with some of their products that suited the audience.

It was a good day and I found a home for my Wicked Witch bag and Decapitation bags, but then a rain storm went through and washed a lot of us out :-(

Thanks to Beky at Pivotal Xpressions

My crime scene pencil cases walked out and whilst people were interested in my patchwork, it wasn't the right time or place for it.

The Resignators played yet again. A group of talented gentlemen, if you caught them and loved them or missed the Black Market, go along and show your support their CD launch at the Evelyn Hotel on Brunswick Street on the 4th June.

Oh! and I have a lot more pictures on my camera, but I feel quite under the weather at the moment, so I thought I would use a pre-loved one from Beky's facebook!


Anonymous said...

oh! Curse the weather! I'm pleased that you managed to make some sales before the storm arrived.

Beky said...

Thanks for the link for the band. Glad the photos came in some use. :-) :-)