Tuesday, 6 April 2010

One year older

Over the Easter break I celebrated my birthday, one year closer to 40 ... so for my birthday, I got to choose what I wanted to do. I had wanted to go to the Daylesford handmade market for ages, so the decision was easy! There was also a whole heap of Melbourne people at the market, so many excuses to go!

So we spent most of the day up at Daylesford, went to the Makers Market and zipped in and out of the patchwork shops and various antique bazaar's that Daylesford has to offer. Tori got to taste her very first strawberry milkshake.

On the Sunday I got lots of lovely things for my birthday. From a great collection of books ..

some fabric and some some new crochet hooks from Mum and Dad.

My hubby even got me some fabric from one of my favourite Melbourne textile designers, Shannon Lamden aka Aunty Cookie.

I have to restrain myself from going into my sewing room and playing around with fabric and blocks from Japanese Quilt Blocks by Susan Briscoe, that the lovely Beky gave me over lunch last week.

I love the way that she has broken down the construction of the blocks into a visual diagram. I am definitely a visual learner.

I am generally not one for navy .. but indigo I like! I am going to have to hunt up some nice indigo fabric for some Japanese blocking and some Sashiko embroidery samples.

Isn't this quilt just gorgeous?


Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

I borrowed that book from the library recently, and found it amazing! A tad too advanced for my novice skills, but I enjoyed drooling over the amazing quilts.
Happy Birthday too!

ps: I also got Crafty Minx for Christmas off my husband, and have enjoyed this one too, and made a few of her door stops (my first attempt at patchwork, on my blog)

Jandi said...

I HAVE to have that fabric. I am googling it the second I leave your blog! Thanks for sharing!