Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hello Betty .. I need ideas!

I got myself a Hello Betty Retro Jelly Roll and a layer stack a few weeks back and I have done some squares for Tori's Paintbox Quilt, but I want to use the rest of it to make lovely quilt of teal and rust colours.

So I have been crawling around the net during my work breaks looking at what everyone else has done ...

I love the way this quilt does the whole zig zag stuff, although if I did it I would probably do some sashing around the outside of the quilt.

The back of the TLC quilt looks lovely, I love the way they have put the solid squares up the centre of the piece.

I love this table runner, the colours look great. Candice mentions in her flickr stream that she used a charm square pack for this project. Don't you love the way that she has eloquently used ric rac!

via daffodilhilltoo

Misocrafty on Flickr also has a great coin stack quilt on her photostream that looks great and was made from some honeybuns ...

This is a lovely "sampling" creation by on-cherry-sew. Perhaps I ought to consider one like this if I can't make up my mind!

via Gayatri"

Another gorgeous Zig Zag quilt. This blogger pointed me towards a web site which show you how to do a Zig Zag quilt without the pesky triangles ;-)

Does anyone in bloggy land have any other ideas? I have a jelly roll and a layer cake in these colours.


Little Cooties said...

I love the first example. fantastic!

Trisha said...

I am using a jelly roll and layer cake to quilt along with Julie from Jaybird quilts. Here is the link if you want to join. It's not too late.

Jandi said...

Those are all so pretty! I also have a Hello Betty jellyroll and layer cake that are just waiting to be used to make something wonderful. Maybe I will get around to it one of these days!