Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Black Market part 2

I'm feeling quite ill today, but I need to start functioning. So a quick blog post to get my brain going is in order. First some gratuitous stall pictures from the Konstant Kaos camera.

The one thing that disappeared rather quickly was my crime scene embroidered pencil cases. You might be able to spot the black "kitchen fruit holder". Originally white, the hubby rubbed it back and re-sprayed it a more Konstant Kaos friendly colour.

People were interested in my gothy patchwork, but probably not the right audience for it. I am hoping to get a few more done in time for my next stall at the Modish Market on the 8th May.

Tori spent some time on my back in my Batty baby carrier that I made a while back.

Tori and I bought a few things from hair accessories to a lovely bracelet. But the purchase of the market, was a pre-loved wrought iron candle rack which now sits in our back room and lights up an awkward wall quite nicely!

It has been interesting seeing the reactions to the market online. It is a very casual market or garage sale which is placed in someone's backyard. There are a few of us who runs stalls for a business reason, but most of the stalls are friends selling their pre-loved stuff.

Goth Club blog did an interesting review on the market writing about how much better it would be if it was a bit more organised. But I fear that if it was, then it would not be the lovely casual event that it is.

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Libster said...

I was hoping to come to this market and bring the baby bat, unfortunately I was working and she was unable to get to the market :( looks like you had a good day, love the candle holder!