Monday, 12 April 2010

Grey over Grey

I have a handful of Kona strips that have been kicking around in my handbag for a while now ... grey, teal and fuschia.

Three glorious colours that I can't find appropriate matching monochrome prints for. Most of the prints I have found have other colours in them and for Tori's Paintbox quilt to work properly, they need to be monochrome prints. Whilst I want to finish Tori's Quilt as quickly as I can, I do want to make sure the prints I choose are fitting and look good.

Enter .. Kelani fabric online store ... I found this print .. isn't it gorgeous!

I bought a fat quarter of this fabric, I should have enough to do the blocks for Tori's quilt and maybe some other cute things! But wait ... look at all the other lovely prints by this Aussie designer, Sproutdesign.

These prints are expensive ... but how gorgeous are they!

Can I just say that unlike some other Australian Online fabric stores ... Kelani was very prompt in their delivery and the fabric was lovingly wrapped with a cute little thank-you note!

As for the subject line of the blog post, are there any other Banco de Gaia fans out there? I love listening to this music while quilting away. A friend introduced us to Banco (thank-you Mr Edwards), and in particular the album "Last Train to Lhasa" one night while sitting in car at Kangaroo Flat waiting to view a total eclipse.

Ever since then, I have loved to listen to Banco and we were at his Melbourne concert (or more specifically, performance) at the Northcote Social when we realised that we were pregant with Tori.

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