Thursday, 5 February 2009

New Bag for Margaret

I have been trundling around with the prototype for my tote/bag for months now. I made it with no interfacing or stitching reinforcements and it has survived quite well. I originally made as a bag to carry library books in from home to Northcote Library and back. I quickly claimed it as an alternative to my crumpler and general "chuck it in and run" bag.

Since then I have refined the design, added pockets, zips and magnetic closures and the newer bags also look a bit more refined than this one. They are a touch expensive on the etsy shop, but they are properly finished off with lining and interfacing.

A few weeks back I obtained a metre of this gorgeous orange fabric, so when the KK Tote was not meeting my needs anymore I knocked up a Tote using this fabric and my funky circle cotton for the interior. The inside of the zip pocket is orange and also the inside of the pockets. I have pockets of various sizes running both sides of the bag to hold all my junk!

I haven't put a magnetic closure on this bag yet, I might trundle around with it for a while before I do that! What do you think?