Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pin Cushion Winners

Blogging has taken a back seat over the last two weeks as I slowly adjust to life with teaching again. Before I had my gorgeous girl, I was in a leadership position and working far too many hours a week. Now I have returned to teaching in a part time capacity (0.4) with the hope that I can have a little life/work/crafty balance in my life.

I have thoroughly enjoyed living creatively over the past year and I don't want to give that up just yet. So forgive me if I take my time to update my blog and etsy shop over the next few weeks as I adjust to paid work once more.

But onto the Pin Cushion winners:
Out of the top hat the following lucky people will be contacted by me and I will make them and send to them a custom pin cushion (sounds exciting doesn't it!) ..... As I explained before, an entry into the hat went for every comment made on my blog.


I am hoping to have a give away of some description every month. Why? Because I can!

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