Friday, 8 July 2011

New Craft Space

My sewing or craft room is on the move. From the lovely spacious front room into the study which is half the size.

My current room is a patchwork of bookcases and storage units grabbed from other rooms in all sorts of colours. But every crafter longs for a nice organised space for their addiction. Materials nicely on display or stacked in tubs.


White isn't necessarily my furniture 'colour of choice' for my living area, but white bookcases look better when filled with coloured fabrics and can make a smaller space look larger.

I found this gorgeous idea of customising the fronts of these draws in this Ikea desk, BUT at the $1290AUD price tag for the unit, I might have to give it a miss!

I'm currently playing with ideas on how to store my fat quarters that are currently organised by colour and stacked vertically on bookcase shelves. Nice in theory, but I have found that when I pulled out a fat quarter it would disturb the neatly organised pile and then I would have to stack and sort the quarters once more. So I am looking for a more practical solution where I can remove colour collections and then I can put them back on the bookcase.

So I have been looking for CD or DVD Storage boxes as a way of storing my fat quarters. I can imagine that the rainbow of colours would look good in white boxes such as the ones above from Ikea. Alternatively, these plastic boxes from Officeworks might do the trick. The decision will probably come down to cost.

How do you store your fat quarters?


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

Just went to Ikea for the first time last week in Atlanta!! Oh the ideas were flowing!!! Seen those boxes there, they weren't that expensive, and would work beautifully too!!! Right now mine are stacked on the shelf, and I have the same problem as you do. I have been finding and saving really skinny shoeboxes to cover in fabric and use for my fat quarters.

Karen said...

I have shelves too, and hate when I have to put some fabric away... consequently I have a growing pile of fabric waiting to be put back in it's spot.
Will be interested to see what you come up with as we're currently playing with ideas for the sewing room. We'll need to squish it up a bit when baby #2 comes too.

CurlyPops said...

I've seen fat quarters stored in the small Ikea CD tower shelves. They looked good!

Anonymous said...

I love the boxes from Officeworks but it could get a tad expensive.

I currently have mine in a shoe box from a pair of shoes hubby bought (ie big, wide box not the normal skinny type) plus some other offcuts in a Marbig Archive box (the kind that has the metal spring arm to hold the contents in place - I just ripped that off!).

My mum also uses shoe boxes and if it contains the fabric for a whole/single project she puts a picture of the project on the end of the box for ease of identification.

Good luck. I think storing craft supplies in a user friendly manner is one of the greatest challenges unless you have a dedicated space and furniture!

chocolatetrudi said...

Go for clear boxes. Good for instantly locating what you want, and looks pretty too. I found with yarn storage that if it was out of sight it was out of mind, while being able to see bits of it keeps me inspired.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope you don't mind my suggestion, got your blog from another quilting group I am in. Read about your dilemma over storing fatQs and thought I would share my solution. DH, of all people, was at a govt furniture disposal store one day and spied and old "pigeon hole" cabinet for mail, and thought it would make a great fat Q storage soluyion for me - and it does! All colours are in the one pigeon hole, or maybe two, and there is one fabric theme to a pigeon hole, so... all me reproduction fabrics are stored by colourway over several pigeon holes, all my Indigoes are in one, all my Japanese prints another etc etc. The bottom 2 rows are much bigger pigeon holes where I store large cuts by colour, and batting, and some kits. A perfect solution for me anyway!