Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sesame Street Bag

It is important for me at the moment to find time to "switch off" from the kids and house, a task which I find hard as my mind is always going 100 miles an hour. Sleeping is not "switching off" but engrossing myself in an activity, whether it is baking or sewing provides me with enough focus to "switch off".

A friend asked me to do a custom bag for a present, so I took the opportunity to also knock this bag up for myself.

The fabric came from some old Sesame Street bean bag that my Mum passed onto me. I am not sure how the fabric will survive being on bags, so I am going to use this for the next few weeks and then wash it to see how the fabric survives. I was intending on selling this one, but I noticed a small imperfection in the fabric square that I used.

So providing the fabric stacks up, I have dreams for a few bags a quilt and some pouches.

Do you have any advice for working with vintage fabrics?

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