Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Winter has set in

Winter has well and truely shown itself in Melbourne and we are all complaining about the cold and rain. Everyone except Nicholas, who seems to like it nice and cold at nights.

There hasn't been much happening on the crafting front. There is a layer of dust over my sewing machine, with half of my craft room moved into the study and the other half waiting to be packed up. Everytime I get into my space, someone screams and needs attention. So my crafty pursuits are limited to the afternoons when I am the only one home and I can completely engrose myself in sewing.

Nicholas seems to be much harder work than Victoria was, on many levels. We had a few good days of sleep and interaction and then the last two nights have been hell. And of course, also having a four year old means that you can't just catch up on sleep during the day!

I have found that chocolate agrivates the little man's gut, so I am on a chocolate-free diet (do you know how hard that is??). I think that this week's unsettling was the high tomato lasagna that we had two nights in a row. So back to boring meat and three veg tonight.

In other news I have started my Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship) at CSU. One subject at the moment, but professionally, this is the direction I want to head in. You can read about it over at my other blog.

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Gina said...

hang in there! i'm reading this late and typing with one hand as i breastfeed... but i need to comment to say, you are not alone. you'll come through this crappy period with nicholas eventually. meanwhile... just oneday at a time! study sounds good...