Sunday, 21 August 2011

Passing of Boris

I was so busy doing stuff yesterday I forgot it was the anniversary of the passing of Boris our beloved Russian Blue three years ago.

Her was very much a loved cat and he left a hole in our hearts when he passed away from old age in our arms. We burried him under a rose bush in the front yard, a red one called "Cardninal". Today the rose bush has a healthy bud on it and it will probably flower this week.

We used to call him "lardo the wonder cat" as he had the uncanny ability to sleep wherever he wanted to. He would sit on the edge of the couch and wait for Andreas to come home and then run to the door to greet him. He was very vocal and in the end he was deaf and very loud.

He came to us a "dumped"cat and within a week of having him we discovered he had crystals in his urinary tract and for a while he also needed Valium to calm him when going to the toilet. He was the most expensive cat we have had needing many vet visits in his stay with us to fix his digestive tract and also remove rotten teeth. He loved his bravery bandana's from North Fitzroy Vet Clinic.

The one thing that I remember about him is that he had so much love to give, to anyone who would take it and in the end Anastasia and Boris were so close. We have had Vladamir for about a year now, and it was just the other day that I caught him washing Anastasia. It has taken a year for her to get used to another male cat.

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Feronia said...

What a beautiful looking cat he was. I love what you've written about him too - a very nice remembrance :)