Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Trip to the Dentist

In anticipation of Tori's first trip to the Dentist next month, she went along with me yesterday for my regular teeth clean and check up.

She got to ride on the chair, wear a bib and sunglasses. The dentist then got her to sit still (!!!) and counted her teeth. While all this was happening, Nicholas was helping the ladies out on the front desk!

When I got my teeth cleaned I had about 25 minutes of no kids to focus on and it was the most delightful "switch off" feeling given the last few days and the mad rush to get my first Uni essay in.

I've been going to this dentist for about 15 years and when I first visited him I was a nervous patient who sometimes needed Valium to calm down. Now I can get my teeth cleaned without gas and for the first time yesterday I enjoyed it.

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Feronia said...

Take those breaks when you can! Hope Tori's dentist visit goes well.