Thursday, 26 January 2012

Have you looked at Fave Quilts?

At the start of the year I got a lovely email from Jessica from Fave Quilts saying that they had featured one of my patchwork tutorials on their web site. Fave Quilts is a great resource if you are into patchwork and quilting. Lots of links to resources and ideas. They also do a newsletter, so go ahead and sign up to it.

The one that they featured was the Sixteen Patch Baby Quilt. The result has been a rise in the hits of my blog (but not comments .. what is going on!).

It was great to get feedback from someone about what I blog about, as often it feels like you are putting it out there and no-one is reading it (although the stats say a different story).

So have you tried our tutorial?

Can you take a few minutes to give me some feedback?

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