Friday, 15 May 2009

Crochet Zig Zag Blanket

I am busily doing my granny a day for Tori's Technicolour Blanket. I discovered that peak hour on Punt Road can produce two granny squares. I find myself wanting lights to change to amber and for traffic to be busy just so as I can do a few more stitches ....

I have decided that my next crochet wonder will be a zig zag or Afghan blanket for the back room. In black, grey and purple. Once Tori's blanky is finished it will be off to Camberwell Market one sunday to visit the Yarn Man for some Merino wool.

In my travels I came across the Comfort Stitching web site. You must take a look at this talented lady and what she is creating. She also has a tutorial for a zig zag blanket.


Jemma. said...

That blanket is awesome. MUST GET BETTER AT CROCHET!

Unknown said...

Your now on my very long melbourne blog roll! I love that zig zag blanket. I'm about to start one myself