Saturday, 23 May 2009

Tori's Technicolour Granny

My blanket for my daughter is coming along quite well, but I do have to get more wool as I want it to be big enough for both of us to snuggle under while watching such classics as "Monsters Inc." and "Bear in the Big Blue House" (in german of course!).

... but then I discovered that I might have to make it a little bigger as both the cats seem to have taken a liking to it (Anastasia snuggled under the blanket and Natasha on the right trying to attack her and become Top Cat).

I am averaging about 2 squares a day when I drive to work. Stationary at the lights is when I do my crochet, oh and when I am stuck in peak hour traffic on Punt Road.

I also have another scarf to crochet for moi and another beanie that Tori can wear to childcare. Everything gets wrecked that goes to childcare and I don't want her lovely one that Oma and I made to be covered with paint or even worse ... lost!

What is on your crochet to-do list?


Jessica said...

I'm impressed that you can work 2 squares a day just when at a standstill in traffic... either you are very very fast or get stuck in a lot of traffic.

Currently my crochet to do list is just to finish off a top I started last year, however it's really fiddley and involves thread crochet and 100's of loose ends :-(

Maybe I'll just start something else instead :-)

Cathie said...

Nice to meet you today, hope it was a great day for you.