Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Granny a Day

Slowly crocheting along for A Granny a Day. Using the pattern in the Meet me at Mikes book, my goal is to make a nice bright multicoloured blanket for my daughter to snuggle up under while watching TV. The nice bright colours should be good for her as she is learning colours at the moment. Each crochet square is framed by a row of black.

I have been using the 8 ply "Sports Support" range of wool/acrylic from spotlight and I get up to three squares frome each ball of yarn and then I do the black row for framing purposes. I went for the blend for Tori as I wasn't sure if she would get all itchy with pure wool. Plus the acrylic means that when I wash the blanket, it will keep it's shape.

Although not sewn together, these squares area ready to go!

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emma said...

I used to love crochet but lost the skill and it just wont come back :( What a lovely thing to make for watching telly. Could do with that here, sunny but windy!