Thursday, 21 May 2009

Op Shop Granny

My mother stumbled across this gorgeous single bed size Granny Blanket for just $6.99 at her local Op shop.

I love the colour combination and the way in which the red just pop's out at you. I tend to have a leaning towards the good ol red/black/white ...

Speaking of Op Shops, if you haven't stumbled across "I op therefore I am" then head over and take a look. It is a collaborative blog, with all sorts of good stuff like a list of Op Shops listed by Suburb.

Who is up for an Op Shop crawl ... just like a pub crawl, only with tea and scones rather than beer and chips!

1 comment:

Princess kirstie jane said...

Great colours, what a great find. I would be up for a op shop crawl. I am still finding my way around the city, I have a couple of favourites but am always looking for more great finds. Can I have coffee though?