Monday, 25 May 2009

Sonny and Coco autopsy

When you apply for a stall at a new market, you take your chances. Many of the established markets around the circuit have a specific focus. Vintage, Handmade, Trash and Treasure. Sonny and Coco still have to work out what their focus was. for me the first half of the day was very busy with many out-of-towners coming to visit and buy things as they had seen the editorial in the local paper.

But the afternoon was very quiet and the congestion of too many stalls in one place was starting to get on my nerves. As with most markets, many mums come along with pushers. The layout of the market has to allow for the pushers, wheel chairs and other pushable objects.

I tried a few new things in terms of layout of my table. I borrowed Mum's multi-hanger to hang my bags and baby swaddles on. It worked well as emergency hardware, but I have to get something more professional and sturdy. I have to re-think the shoe layout. I didn't like the box... I need to get more vertical to allow space for other things to be spread out.

Since the market chose one of my pendants as it's picture we made a real push to get as many pendants ready on time.

In addition to the simple pendants I made a few charm pendants from some of our resin experiments, charms and some beads. I thought they looked nice! I'll be popping what's left of those up on etsy shortly.

Not sure if I will do the next Sonny and Coco, depends on where I am financially and what other markets I am doing. At the moment I am just getting a feel for which markets work well with my products. I'd love to do Yarraville or Rose Street to see how they go with my bits and pieces!

Next Market is the Sisters one on 1st August and I am looking foward to the rest before that market!


CurlyPops said...

I wanted to come along for a visit but I couldn't make it. Sounds like a very interesting day!

Lauren said...

I'll be having a stall at the sisters market too!

Anonymous said...

A thought for the shoes... something like the wire pantry shelves you get at Howard's storage... kinda like a very mini shoe rack. And I'm sure you could pretty them up/cover the wire etc to make them blend into the table.