Wednesday, 27 May 2009

What's a Dirndl?

A friend of the family was in Germany earlier on this year. He bought for his grandsons some toddler lederhosen and for Tori he bought her a traditional german dress (Dirndl).

If you haven't realised already, my hubby is German! So we were very excited about Tori having her own Dirndl! Here is a picture of Tori's Godmother with her Dirndl on (and a very young Tori).

If you want to buy one there are plenty of shops online like Ernst Licht that have them for purchase (make sure you have sound on when accessing this site!). If you are itching to make one for yourself Burda Style have a pattern you can download for $4. Also, Weekend designer has a pattern breakdown of a Valentino Dirndl that hit the catwalks in 2008. Ageless Patterns have another pattern one for $14.95 USD

But if you don't want to pay for pattern and you want to make a Dirndl for your toddler, you could could alter the following Toddler Dress pattern to have a fuller skirt and a deeper neckline. Make an apron to match and voila! If you didn't want to embroider flowers on, dimensional paint or iron on flowers could work really well.

Go on, you know you want a Dirndl!

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kalliopi said...

Eine ganz liebe Drindl!

Thanks for your message on my blog. I am following you too now!