Thursday, 7 May 2009

Wekstatt Muenchen

Cravings Frocks reminded me of a special gift received at my first Christmas after Tori was born, a beautiful Werkstatt Muenchen necklace.

There is a small shop that was located across from the old Royal Women's hospital in Carlton called Eastern Market. They have the most divine selection of clothes and accessories, you must visit them and look a their range. Eastern Market is the only store in Australia that stocks this range of jewelry.

Since being given it (what a clever Tori) I have worn it to death. It is just the right length for Tori to fiddle with while breastfeeding and it looks good too!

I love their range of necklaces and their cufflinks are gorgeous as well. I like industrial or organic feeling jewelry. I would love to do a jewelry making course and forge out some of my own designs .. I'll add it to the todo list ...

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Jennie said...

Woo, gorgeous! Tori has great taste.