Thursday, 14 May 2009

Mothers Day wrapup

We had a lovely Mothers Day at the Collingwood Children's Farm.

We met for lunch and then had a leisurely afternoon strolling around the farm with Tori discovering a whole lot of new things, including feeding the goats.

For the first time Tori also said "Nanna", so that made the day extra special! The one characteristic that I have inherited from my Mum is the ability to try anything once.

Whilst my Mum doesn't see herself as a crafty Mum, I can clearly remember when I was young her making dancing costumes, fancy dress costumes and easter hats for us. Perhaps she has lost her crafty way ...

For Mother's Day I embarked on a marathon sew-a-thon and I made Mum a patchwork scarf with some of my Kokka Ouka Japanese Linen blend fabric with a faux fur backing to it.

I made my Mother in Law a fabric basket to keep her crochet and crafts in from linen and a Moda Fabric. The idea for the fabric basket is from the Zakka book that my hubby got me.

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Finki said...

You did a fab job on that scarf. the colors are beautiful. So cute that Tori says Nanna now too. My Finn sometimes says YaYa, which is what we call nanna, but I don't really think e directs it to her, just rolls nicely off the tongue sometimes. (: