Monday, 13 July 2009

100 Dreams: Week 1 - Creative Goals

I came across this blog and I thought what a great idea! Caroline talks about the idea of writing your 100 dreams and that anyone can do this if you break it down into categories.

"10 professional goals, 10 family goals, 10 financial goals, 10 creative goals, 10 places to visit, 10 skills to master, 10 books to read, 10 events to attend, 10 subjects to research, 10 things you've always wanted to do (e.g., bungee jumping)."

via Finding Joy

So in the spirit of yet another blogging challenge, I am going to work my way through my dreams, starting with creative goals ...

10 Creative Goals
  1. To find time each day to be creative.
  2. To write a book.
  3. To learn how to screen print properly.
  4. To do a silversmith course.
  5. To do a lot more work with creative software.
  6. To re-vamp my web page.
  7. To give my daughter every possible opportunity to be creative.
  8. To encourage my friends to be creative.
  9. To teach others to be crafty.
  10. To finish my crafty endeavors before starting another one.
What are your creative dreams/goals? Join in and comment about your post.


Beky said...

Thanks for sharing. Wow write a book! I have taken the plunge and attempted to write my 10 goals as well on my blog.

Margaret said...

Thanks Beky for the comment, hey it migh take me 20 years to write a book, but I will get there ...