Monday, 13 July 2009

Business Mums Network

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to have attended the business Mum's Network Conference at Holmesglen. The conference was worthwhile and I came away with so many good ideas and business contacts.

The conference was organised by the Business Mum's Network Their joining fee is $85 which is comparable to other association memberships and they have mentor groups and other groovy things that happen. If I didn't have to renew my Craft Victoria membership then I would have joined them this month. Hopefully my Sisters Market Stall in August will reap enough rewards to be able to join them.

There are some good articles on their web site about why Mum's start their own businesses and PND and Business DO mix. Their blog has some good articles as well, todays one is about Marketing and eNewsletters .... excuse me while I go and "follow" this blog ....

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Organize Your Life said...

Sounded like a good conference. It's times like these I sometimes wish I lived in Melbourne....but living by the beach with a rainforest right behind us is kinda cool!
Claire McFee
co Creator - Organize Your Life Organizers