Sunday, 12 July 2009

Getting Organised

Well, school term is about to start back for me and I always find that I am a touch anxious the weekend before. I have to go through and check my diary, check my time lines and calm my nerves by becoming obsessive compulsive for a few days.

As a result I came across a good article on Meditation via the Organize Your Life Now blog. I used to be an avid Gym/Yoga attendee and then life got too busy and managed to think up too many excuses. Perhaps I need to go back to doing Yoga that a bit more regularly. Make time to re-set ... searching through the Organize web site, there was also a link to Organize your toddler - are you kidding?. Bedtime has changed into a negotiation ... even more so when we are away from home!

Last week we disappeared for a few days down to Phillip Island for a few days of rest. We got to walk along the beach, even though it was FREEZING and Tori got to collect stones for Macka Packa.

We even got to see a Humpback Whale frolicking off the coast of Cape Woolami. My husband got a few good pictures, but I am sure they will appear on his blog at some point in time.

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Beky said...

The photo's are lovely. Good luck with the up-and-coming term and your new organising plan.