Friday, 31 July 2009

Old music re-discovered

I've taken to listening to the iPod again in the car. I have one of the ultra trendy third generation pods that my students refer to as "the brick" .... Normally I have a definite musical need when I plug in the iPod, but today I pressed "shuffle" and she took me on a musical adventure with an artist I had not listened to in a while. So I thought I would share.

We discovered Metisse (Irish/African Soul/Electronica band) when we first discovered Dead Like Me many, many moons ago. When we originally discovered them, their first few songs were downloadable for free from their web site. I liked the eclectic style and the vocals are quite haunting.

Here is a video of one of their songs to some Dead Like Me Footage (here is the link if it doesn't load). There seems to be a whole lot of Boom Boom Ba alternative video's on youtube. It looks like a teacher might have used it as a media exercise. Sadness is another one of their songs on Youtube. If you go to the MetisseMusic web site you can listen to their new album. Enjoy!

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Essbie said...

Ahhh! We love Dead Like Me. I think that footage may be from the upcoming movie, since it only featured a few of the characters (half of them are not in the movie - moved onto other stuff :( ).
If you dont already know about it - now you do ;)