Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday Finds: Geek Stuff

I'm in a geeky mood at the moment, I have been making cute little things with computer robot fabric for my market stall on Saturday.

If you know me, you will know that I am an IT teacher and was pretty active in the teachers association for a few years, contributred to a Year 12 book and have done a stack of "other" stuff. In the last year or so, I sometimes I feel I have lost part of my geekery as my attention span for programming and general futzing around on the computer just isn't there anymore. Over the last week I have been busy preparing a poster for a "special project" I am working on, so I am feeling quite geeky again ....

... so my friday finds for this week are all of the wonderful geek inspired handmade stuff on etsy.

1. Floppy Disk pen holder by Geek Gear. I have a box of floppy's sitting there, thinking should I bother transfering the information onto a CD or just chuck?

2. Tetris Cufflinks by Pixel Party. I love these ... nice and subtle.

3. Ms. Pacman Pillow Set by Modernality ... these guys also have a star trek pillow, but I like the pacman ones better. I can imagine these on my back couch.

4. Space invaders mini messenger bag by 16Bit. Nice, simple but geeky!

5. Twitter Jewelry .."follow me" by Punky Jane. I liked the idea of this, social networking slipping into reality and everyday life. It worries me that our PM has a twitter account, as it probably is not him entering in the twits ...

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lyptis said...

Those are great finds, so fun and refreshing!
Very lovely!)