Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Good luck class of 2010

This week is the last week of classes for Year 12's 2010 at my school.

Year 7 Camp 2005 Mt. Stirling

For me, the graduating class was the first time I was a Year 7 tutor and I loved it. I met so many lovely kids and I feel quite proud that I had a chance to teach them but also sad that they are leaving. I've been cutting onto DVD some pictures from the Year 7 Roman Feast and other events that I shared with them in 2005.

Of course it is only the start of their journey and many years from now they will have forgotten their years at High School.

Class of 2010, I wish you all the best for the next stage in your journey and hope that you find the time to come back and tell us the stories of the next part of your journey. May you receive the exam results that you have worked hard for.

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Katharine Shade said...

They won't forget... I have very clear memories of a lot of my high school years! And you certainly remember the good teachers for the rest of your life.