Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Lion sleeps tonight

In between all the school and book stuff I have been doing, I have been trying to get this quilt finished so that it can go to gGrmany next week. A baby quilt gift for my husbands cousin.

The middle "feature print" is a Japanese medium weight bought from Purl's Palace in Daylesford. The surrounding material is scraps from a scrap pack bought from The Rabbit and The Duck at one of the North Melbourne markets.

I'm starting to do the stippling ... and have decided to do it horizontally with a line of hand stitching inbetween each row. This time I have also set the stitch length at 3.5

The plan is to do some more machine stippling in between working tonight and then the hand stitching tomorrow during our "calm time" at school.

I might have a go at doing this one again, but next time not using 1 1/2 inch strips. Very fiddly!


Jennie said...

Oh, that looks simply gorgeous. Cannot wait to see the end result.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt! I love the row of hand-stitching. It really makes a huge difference.

Little Cooties said...

I love the colours on this one M, looks very fiddly, but well worth the time you are investing in it. who is this one for?