Saturday, 16 October 2010

More things for Germany

My Mother-in-Law wanted to take some handbags to Germany, and supplied me with the front material for them that she found at a craft show.

I did one of them in a rustic red inside

And I did the other I did in a type of dot fabric, but it matched well with the front design.

There were also some toy bags that needed to be made as well with the name of the boys embroidered on them.

The happy travelers have arrived in Munich and I had a skype session with them last night, but only they could see me (dodgy camera). We are going to have another go tonight.


Beky said...

I could see those first bags being sold at a tourist shop like the one in Federation Square.

Libster said...

fantasic!! I am envious of bag makers.... but then if we could all make them, no one would buy any lol!!