Monday, 25 October 2010

Paluma Prints

I love stumbling across new artists and products that I think are unique. I came across Paluma Print, a business based in Queensland. Still a young one, her blog documents her journey into small business and her life.

Her prints are mainly botanicals, and I love what she has done with them. Tea Towels, placemats and then she has made a range of bags out of them as well

Visit her blog and take a look at here lovely homewares!


Jennie said...

Gorgeous stuff!

CurlyPops said...

That is such a weird co-incidence. After making my bag yesterday, I went in search of tea towels on Made It and Etsy, and I spotted these as well - they're gorgeous!

PalumaPrint said...

Thanks so much guys for the supportive comments - and Margaret for the blog post. How exciting no one has featured me before :-) I must do this as well - so much talent around - still newish to blogging and finding my feet