Saturday, 2 October 2010

My Green Room

The hubby was attacking some folage today with a chainsaw in a hope to regain some control over our overgrown green room.

The front yard is doing well with the flowers distracting most onlookers from the untamed weeds. Out the back however, is a different story.

The cherry blossoms are finally blossoming two weeks later than they normally do starting with our weeping Alba, but the ornamental pear out the back blossomed earlier this year than last. The seasonal indicators are all over the place. The bee's were doing double time on the Lavender today.

I had hoped to post this sooner, but my poor daughter has been throwing up all afternoon and well, she needed my attention not the blogosphere ..

As the light was going down I grabbed the camera and headed out the front to capture the essence of my Green room.

Did you get out in your green room today?

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