Monday, 4 October 2010

Long live the film photo booth!

We have had an outbreak of gastro at our place and the latest casualty was my poor husband through the night. So today armed with the best chemicals money can buy, I am on a cleaning mission to kill whatever bug has taken up residence in our household.

I am coming across all sorts of things in my cleaning adventures, including these old pictures that I thought I would share. Every once in a while Andreas and I end up at a cinema that has an "old fashioned" (read film) photo booth there. When we can we get a pic taken, three in a row .. some good, some bad!

Far left was taken in 1990 (taken in Dandenong "Hub") when we had first started to date, I was 19. Middle picture was 2005, far right picture was early 2008 after Tori was born (still carrying the fluid from several blood transfusions and definitely breastfeeding).

I know that we have better pictures of us, but I love these photo booth pictures, they are raw and weathered and if you are lucky you get just one good picture out of the three. Reminds me that it is about time for us to do another picture.

Long live the film photo booth!


Nikki Maloo said...

some of my favourite photos are old photo booth ones of Jake and I too. I still cart ones from years ago around in my wallet.

Jennie said...

I honestly can't recognise Andreas in that first photo!