Monday, 11 October 2010

Have you met my Morris?

Dad reminded me last night that we are approaching Day of the Morris Minor next Month, 21st of November at Carribean Gardens. If you haven't been to Carribean Gardens on a Sunday then it is certainly an experience! For details of the day keep an eye on the Morris Minor Car Club of Victoria Homepage.

I bought her back in the early 1990s and she gets used in cycles. When I had my Corolla, she mainly gathered dust, but then after Victoria was born we made an effort to bring her back to her former glory. My Dad has a red convertable and for a while there I was very involved in the car club, at one stage Editor of their magazine and the club secretary. Then life got busy and I stopped going :(

She isn't original. Her original engine has been replaced with a Datsun 1200 engine and four speed gear box. Her wheels are larger and rims have been trimmed and flared to accommodate the larger wheels. She has a mini-moke speedo in her as well (in kilometres). We mainly use her to trundle around town in, long drives are kept for the more reliable and comfortable car.

We have also put different seats in her with head rests, from a Subaru (I think). And in the back seat there is a child seat for a very excited Victoria who loves to ride in the Morris. There is no radio, no air conditioning but she does have a great heater for winter.

So write the 21st November into your diaries, and come along to Carribean Gardens in Melbourne to see lots of lovely Morris Minors on display. Take a wander through the trash and treasure market afterwards.

The club is trying to get 100 Morris' together all on display in memory of the Club's Patron and founder who passed away this year, Dr. Dave Warren. It won't be the same not having him at Day of the Morris Minor, but hopefully we will put on a fitting tribute.

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Libster said...

my friend and her hubby have a T model ford, 2 actually. They often go on rallys and to swap meets. How wonderful to have such a beautiful old car, I hope she continues to give you much pleasure