Saturday, 27 December 2008

A bag for Paula

My husbands cousin is currently living in Sydney. He and his family are out from Germany for a working holiday and they came down to Melbourne for Christmas. It was nice to have more family around than our usual place setting for six. It was our biggest Christmas celebration so far!

They have a little girl, Paula, who is about 5 years old. So I decided to make her a bag for Christmas, something unique. The base fabric I had was "crafty" in theme (scissors, measuring tape, etc), but I did find it hard to decide on the colours of the complimentary fabrics. If I was sewing for an older person, I would have gone for a more "classic" look, but as it was a little girl I decided to stick to bright fun colours. The bag had nice long arm straps so that she could put it over her head.

I embroidered her name on the outside of the bag and I sewed on some fun buttons to make the bag a bit more dimensional. If I had had some more time I would have done some hand embroidery over the print design as well (silver thread on the scissors and pins).

On the outside there is a nice big pocket either side to put things in, and the inside of the bag had a pocket and the Konstant Kaos logo. You can see some of the buttons as well!

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