Friday, 26 December 2008

More Crafty Christmas Gifts

Now that Christmas Day has passed I can blog about the other gifts that I made!

The first is a money belt for my father in law who runs an opal and meteorite business called Rocks on Fire. Both my in-laws sell their rocks online and also markets around Victoria. My father in law was impressed with my money bag that I made for Northcote Kris Kringle Market so I decided to make one for him for Christmas.
I used my Janome 350e to embroider the name of his business onto cotton heading tape and then I sewed it onto the pouch. The back of the pouch has two belt loops and the side of the pouch has D-rings that can connect to a strap if you don't wear a belt.

Inside the pouch I put the flame fabric that he liked and I made a secret compartment closed with velcro at the back to put the larger notes. There is also a pouch inside the money bag for smaller change.
Hopefully he will get some use out of it! I have put a custom pouch for sale on my etsy shop with the hope that I might get some business from it!

I also knocked up a little pencil case/costmetic bag for my mum for Christmas and I put some hand cream into it. I might make some for my etsy shop in the next few days.

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