Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Doggy Bag

I have spent most of my day wrestling with my embroidery machine. I foolishly bought a bundle of QA embroidery threads soon after I got my machine thinking that they would be good value. They are not. They keep on breaking under duress! So the money saved was quickly wasted in the time taken to do one embroidery piece ... Grrr

My husband is on holidays at the moment, so I was fortunate to have him take care of my little girl while I wrestled with the machines .. I have to get them to Statewide in Coburg for a service when I get the time.

But the day was fruitful! I made several versions of the "Doggy Bag" a family friend wanted me to make for them.

The idea is that it is a bag that they can put on their belt and carry dog biscuits in when they are training dogs. My first try was a flop. Not big enough to carry biscuits in and the seam inside the bag where the clear PVC met was a dogs breakfast (heh!). But after a few tries with patterns and zips, I made something that I was happy with.
The design principle is similar to my pencil cases. It has a black PVC bottom, but the inside is lined with "bones" fabric and clear PVC so that Doggy Biscuit crumbs don't stick to the fabric.

The back of the bag has loops in it to go on your belt.

While I am happy with the end result, I can categorically say that I hate sewing with PVC!

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