Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Pouches on Etsy

I am trying to upload at least two items a day to my etsy shop. I have lots of things left over from the Northcote Kris Kringle Night Market that Jellibat and I did leading upto Christmas. Angelica does the most gorgeous soft toys! It took me three weeks to make the sign! Every night of the market I would sit there and sew the letters on - sad huh? Black Velvet piece of fabric and letters in felt which are then applied with double sided interfacing and then I stitched around each letter to give it a "sewn" look.

Anyway, I have uploaded some of my cute little pouches onto etsy ... the Ume Komachi Pouch with a black velvet back and a green spotted interior.

Japanese "crests" fabric inspired by the crests on the roofs of medieval japanese buildings. I love this fabric!

I am trying to think of another creative thing to make with the crests fabric ...

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