Sunday, 1 February 2009

Pay it Forward

I have signed up for Fi's "Pay it Forward" event.

"Pay it Forward" got a lot of airplay after Oprah gave 300 audience guests a $1,000 debit card and also a camcorder to record their acts of kindness. It is quite a remarkable show with wonderful people doing wonderful things for people "because they can".

Since I have been chosen for a handmade gift from Fi, I have to pay her kindness forward by joining in!

I will make a handmade gift for the first 3 interested people who comment on this post. I have 365 days (ample time) to do it in...You must have a blog to join in and be willing to do the same for three other people...


Anonymous said...

I'll be in this!!

Essbie said...

I am of interest! Are you still taking on? I love the idea :)