Sunday, 11 March 2012

A Chorus Line

On Friday night, Mum and I ventured out into the city to see "A Chorus Line".

One of those shows that I have always wanted to see and when the opportunity for two tickets came up I leaped at them. The pic above was taken of Mum inside the theatre, quite a nice one!

My ankle that I injured is still sore, I have developed Sinus Tarsi Syndrome, so sitting there watching a dancing musical was difficult as I was wanting to toe tap all the way through it. The only relief that I have at the moment is from Nurophen Plus. I await an appointment at the end of the week to get a steroid injection in my foot.

Of course it would have been easier if I had sprained my left ankle, rather than my sewing machine right ankle.

Hope that you have all had a better week!


Twinsane Mum said...

I loved this movie as a kids my sister and I would watch it over and over to the point mum had to find another copy as the original VHS tape had seen better days. (remember them?) we too saw it earlier in the month and loved it!

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